Cosmic Disco Machine 4 [2022]

A1: Polaroid Roman Photo (Instrumental), A2: Time Actor, A3: La Edad Del Bronce, A4: Bionic Boar, B1: 29 h 08 mm (Edit), B2: Lux, B3: Unit, B4: No. 8, B5: Emotional Disguise (Instrumental)

Africa Funk Roots 2 [2022]

A1: Fat City Strut, A2: Corey Died On The Battlefield, A3: Waterbad (Instrumental), A4: African Queen, B1: Everything Scatter (Rere Run), B2: N.E.P.A. (Never Expect Power Always), B3: Them Changes, C1: Super Kumba, C2: Africa Gone Funky, C3: Tite Rope, C4: Do The Choo-Choo, C5: Wassahoumba, D1: Sanganoongo

DJ Lelli & DJ Ghello - Arlecchino Disco (Funky Rare Groove) 2 [2021]

A1: Put Your Gun Down, A2: Keep Movin' On, A3: I Feel Funky, A4: Get Up Stand Up, B1: I Need A Man, B2: Sweet Potatoe, B3: Let There Be Drums, B4: Gimme Some, B5: Cuckoo Cuckoo, C1: The Beast Day (Oh No), C2: Soulful, C3: Boogie Juice, C4: Life Is Like A Puzzle, C5: Popcorn Push Push, C6: Street Walk (Nija Walk), D1: Mo Funk, D2: Buckingham Palace, D3: Nig Ladies Man, D4: Hot Pants Breakdown, D5: Love Circuit

DJ Daniele - Les Cigales [2021]

A1: Movin', A2: Boogie Magic, A3: Nytro Express, B1: Play That Funky Music, B2: Zone, B3: Sunshine Hotel (Just Walk On In), B4: Future Jungle, C1: Pick Up The Pieces, C2: What You Waitin' For, C3: Disco Circus, D1: God Made Me Funky, D2: Happiness, D3: Space Shuttle Ride, D4: Flying Machine (The Chase)

DJ Angiolino Conti - Star Lake City 2 [2021]

A1: Terra Incognita, A2: Chinese Revenge, A3: Heartbeat, A4: Love Percussion, B1: I Feel Funky, B2: Movin' Man, B3: Jellybeans, B4: Flash, B5: Float On

DJ Angiolino Conti - Star Lake City (10 Anniversary) [2021]

A1: Taoma, A2: Papa Furado, A3: Canton, A4: Theme One, B1: Departure, B2: Pressure, B3: Candido's Funk, B4: Hey

Cosmic Disco Machine 3 [2021]

A1: Tango-Saty, A2: Tanz In Den Himmel, A3: Louder Than Words, A4: Zeebrügge (Edit), A5: Westway, B1: Motorik, B2: Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal, B3: Pages, B4: Visions (Instrumental), B5: Woman (Re-Edit)

Cosmic Disco Machine 2 [2021]

A1: Oriental, A2: Chinese Revenge (Dub Edit), A3: Tubular Bells, A4: Live Line (CDM Edit), A5: Chrorozon, B1: Reel, B2: Coda, B3: Terra Incognita, B4: Emphasis, B5: Lock Groove (In)

Cosmic Disco Machine 1 [2021]

A1: Universe, A2: Bubble Sex, A3: You (Dub Edit), A4: Wojaio (Slow Motion Edit), A5: Motel Show, B1: Automatic Collect, Automatic Correct (Edit), B2: Ba Ba, Go Go (Instrumental), B3: Drum Power, B4: Platonic, B5: XR7 (Instrumental)

Africa Funk Roots 1 [2021]

A1: Weya, A2: Sorrow, Tears & Blood, A3: I Feel Funky, A4: Keep On Dancing (Instrumental), B1: Ja Fun Mi (Instrumental), B2: African Rhythms, B3: Soul Makossa, B4: Afro-Strut, C1: Yégellé Tezeta, C2: No Discrimination, C3: Handsome Boy (E Wara) (Part 1 & 2), C4: Allah Wakbarr, D1: Black Water Gold (Pearl), D2: God Make Me Funky, D3: Time Will Tell, D4: Nefertiti

DJ Ygal Ohayon - Studiolo (The 90's Afro Cosmic Era) [2020]

A1: Cosmic Patch, A2: Ethno Beat, B1: Tantawina, B2: Zymotic, C1: Funky Nephos, C2: Indien Summer, D1: Cosmic Esmeralda, D2: Sonar

DJ Spranga - Chicago Disco 2 [2020]

A1: Rain Forest, A2: Wow, A3: You're The Star, A4: Sweet Dynamite, B1: Decide Your Life, B2: Timblade, B3: Odyssey, B4: Miss Funky Fox, C1: Kubile Kumba (Troublemaker), C2: Bim Sala Bim, C3: Sleep And Do It, C4: Star Black, D1: Baboo Baboon, D2: Porcupine, D3: Jam On The Groove, D4: 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle)

DJ Lollo - Arena Disco [2020]

A1: Not Fade Away, A2: Demo, A3: And More, A4: Street Layer Mekanik (Mutant Mix), B1: Blues A Volonte, B2: Fiesta Cubana, B3: Samba No Pé, B4: Synchro System, C1: Break Down, C2: Sleepwalking, C3: Man Power (Can You Do It), C4: Knowledge And Action, D1: Pulstar, D2: Try My Love, D3: Manhattan Jungle (For Sun Ra), D4: African Dance (Instrumental)

DJ Lelli & DJ Ghello - Arlecchino Disco (Funky Rare Groove) [2020]

A1: Bo Diddley, A2: Time To Fly, A3: Handa Wanda, A4: Funky Walk (The Money Talk), A5: Zigarillo, B1: Groovy Era, B2: Bohannon's Beat, B3: Bump And Hustle Music, B4: Back From The Death, B5: Dikalo, C1: Hotel Sheet, C2: Think, C3: Rubber Lips, C4: Humpin' Birimbao, C5: Berro E Sombaro, C6: Let It All Hang Out, D1: Spirit Of The Boogie, D2: The Gold Coast, D3: Big Splash, D4: Bump The Bump, D5: Chicago Calypso, D6: You Can't Even Walk In The Park, D7: Hikky Burr (The Bill Cosby Show)

Ottomix Feat. MC Dilly - Raggasex [2004]

A1: Raggasex (Vocal Mix), A2: Raggasex (Dub Mix), B1: Raggasex (Short Rhythm Mix), B2: Raggasex (Isaac Edit)

Mykel Angel - Do My Diddy (Do The Bellydance) [2003]

A1: Do My Diddy (Extended Mix), A2: Do My Diddy (Bock Auf'n Beat Dancehall Mix), B1: Do My Diddy (DJ Corrado Afro Mix), B2: Do My Diddy (Dub Mix)

Kepa Junkera - Bok-Espok [2002]

A: Bok-Espok (Extended Remix), B1: Bok-Espok (Single Remix), B2: Bok-Espok

World Tribe [2001]

A1: Andino, A2: Senegal, A3: Fluetta, A4: Mraya, A5: Nago Nago, B1: Madagaska, B2: Sideral, B3: Le Le Le, B4: Maduma, B5: Sanya

Milo - The Jungle [2001]

A: Jungle Of Mirror, B: Tornado

Claudio Diva - Mistyque [2001]

A1: Mistyque (Transex Remix), A2: Mistyque (Transex Radio), B1: Mistyque (Lo Nardo Remix), B2: Mistyque (Original Mix)

Zilli - Electric [2000]

A: Electric (Extended), B: Electric (Radio Mix)

Schoko & Spanio - Le Ball [2000]

A: Le Ball (Bim Bum Mix, B1: Le Ball (Schoko Mix, B2: Le Ball (Zauberflöte Mix)

Kaliya - Ritual Tibetan [2000]

A1: Ritual Tibetan (Gigi D'Agostino Remix), A2: Ritual Tibetan (Gigi D'Agostino FM Remix), B1: Ritual Tibetan (Ritual Version Mix), B2: Ritual Tibetan (Incense Track Mix)

Omnia - The Knights [1999]

A: The Knights (Extended Mix), B1: The Knights (Radio Edit), B2: The Knights (Pop Version)

Kaoma - Banto / Todo [1999]

A: Banto, B: Todo

Hevia - Busindre Reel [1999]

A: Busindre Reel (Intro Album Mix), B1: Busindre Reel (Radio Mix), B2: Busindre Reel (Clubbie Extended Mix)

Antique - Opa Opa [1999]

A: Opa Opa (Extended Mix), B1: Rhythmos, B2: Opa Opa (Radio Edit)

Alabina Feat. Ishtar & Los Niños De Sara - Loli, Lolita, Lola [1999]

A1: Loli, Lolita, Lola, A2: Loli, Lolita, Lola (Cisko Club Cut), B1: Loli, Lolita, Lola (Cisko Tribal Mix), B2: Loli, Lolita, Lola (DJ Corrado Afro Version)

Afro Strike - It's Cosmic [1999]

A1: Maracetu, A2: Nerci, B1: Cocain Pot, B2: Electric Drums

Red Label

A1: Samba Reggae, A2: M'Ball, A3: Amazonas, A4: Cocain (Acapella), A5: Te Ves Buena (Acapella), B1: Back To Trance Nation, B2: Faraó, B3: Train, B4: Rockin' To The Rhythm (Acapella), B5: Rock With Me (Acapella)

Marijuana - Marijuna

A1: Marijuana, A2: Blondy, B1: Eschebo, B2: Gorré

DJ Amma Feat. Vladimir - Straight From India

A: Straight From India

The New Morning & DJ Fred - Cosmic Anthem [1998]

A1: Al's Rhama, A2: Jay's Rhama, B1: Anthems, B2: Hossa

Ottomix - Boom Boom [1998]

A1: Boom Boom (Funk Mix), A2: Boom Boom (Cold Club Mix)

Kay Cee - Escape [1998]

A: Escape (Club Mix), B: Escape (Electro Mix)

Copyright Killers - Sound Connection [1998]

A: Sound Connection (Original Mix), B: Luckynizz

Air - Kelly Watch The Stars [1998]

A1: Kelly Watch The Stars (Edit), A2: Sexy Boy (Sex Kino Mix), B1: Kelly Watch The Stars (Club Mix), B2: Remember (D. Whitaker Version)

Wakan Tanka - Four Circles Of Life

A1: Four Circles Of Life (Original Etno Mix), A2: Four Circles Of Life (Acapella) B1: Four Circles Of Life (On The Beat), B2: Indiana

Saléi - Saléi / Red Indian

A: Saléi, B1: Red Indian, B2: Red Indian (Intro)

G.L.A.S. - Tonga Tonga

A: Tonga Tonga (Dance Mix), B: Tonga Tonga (Fighter Mix)

DJ Hxos - World Music (Project One)

A1: World Music (Project One) (Extended Version), A2: World Music (Project One) (DJ Version), B1: World Music (Project One) (Radio Edit), B2: World Music (Project One) (Trance Version)

Wakan - Wayra (Song Of The Wind) [1997]

A1: Wayra (Song Of The Wind) [Transfer Of Power Remix], A2: Wayra (Song Of The Wind) [Trip In The Jungle Desert], B1: Wayra (Song Of The Wind), B2: Wayra (Song Of The Wind) [Tribe Inc. Mix]

Rare Afro Tracks 1 [1997]

A1: Fin De Semana, A2: Housecall, A3: Yalla Chant, A4: Vidigal, B1: Raghupati Ragava Rajaram, B2: The Friends Of Mr. Cairo, B3: Idjdja, B4: Windjammer

Medhi - Aicha [1997]

A: Aicha (The Fresh Summer Mix), B1: Aicha (Fresh Radio Mix), B2: Tour De Sahel

DJ Data - Walk The Night [1997]

A1: Walk The Night (Full Mix), A2: Walk The Night (Radio Edit), B1: Nightdubbing, B2: Afrodata

Alabina - Baila Maria [1997]

A1: Baila Maria (Full Version), A2: Baila Maria (Radio Version), B: Baila Maria (Extended Remix)

Spacefront - Strange / Illusion [1996]

A: Strange, B: Illusion

B.F.I. - Pequeña Oración [1996]

A1: Pequeña Oración (Spanish), A2: Pequeña Oración (Radio Edit), A3: Pequeña Oración (Slow Beat), B1: Just A Little Prayer (Swing Beat), B2: Just A Little Prayer (Dream Beat), B3: Just A Little Prayer (Club)

Robert Miles - Children [1995]

A: Children (Dream Version), B1: Children (Original Version), B2: Children (Message Version)

Mr. North - Mine Is Better [1995]

A1: Mine Is Better (Club Mix), A2: Mine Is Better (Radio Mix), B1: Mine Is Better (L.P. Version), B2: Rise Don't Fall

Jon Anderson - Speed Deep [1995]

A1: Speed Deep (The Deep Forest Remix), A2: Speed Deep (The Future Sound Of London Deseo Reconstruction Mix), B1: Speed Deep (Deep Floresta Remix), B2: Speed Deep (The Trans-Global Unterground Intercity 125 Mix)

H. Hesse - Lonely [1995]

A1: Lonely (Casta Version), A2: Lonely (Gange Version), B1: Lonely (Madras Version), B2: Lonely (Mrs. Moore Version)

DJ Dero - Carnavalito / Solo Le Pido A Dios [1995]

A: Carnavalito, B: Solo Le Pido A Dios

2 Jays - Tenderly [1995]

A1: Tenderly (Club Mix), A2: Tenderly (Stratosphere Version), B: Tenderly (Original Mix)

The Funk Relation - It's Not My Style [1994]

A1: It's Not My Style (Raggafunk), A2: It's Not My Style (Radiofunk), A3: It's Not My Style (Funkinstrumental), B1: It's Not My Style (Vocal), B2: It's Not My Style (Tribalinstrumental)

Magda - Magda [1994]

A: Magda (Extended Mix), B1: Magda (Soft Version), B2: Magda (Fisappella)

Don Pablo's Animals - Birmania [1994]

A1: Birmania (Negril Version), A2: Birmania (Affair Edit), B1: Birmania (Frankfurt Mix), B2: Birmania (European Club Mix)

Bokayé - Ethno Groove [1994]

A: Ethno Groove, B1: Ethno Groove (Tribal Mix), B2: Ethno Groove (Radio Mix)

Quench - Dreams [1993]

A1: Dreams (Extended Mix), A2: Dreams (Radio Edit), B1: Dreams (Crunched Up Mix), B2: Dreams (Crunched Down Mix)

Jano's - Fisar-Funky [1993]

A: Fisar-Funky (Club Mix), B1: Fisar-Funky (Crazy Mix), B2: Fisar-Funky (Ambient Mix)

Van Chung - Electric Flying [1992]

A: Electric Flying (In The Mix With Van Chung), B1: Electric Flying (Flying Soul), B2: Electric Flying (Bonus)

Roses Club - Que Siga La Fiesta [1992]

A: Que Siga La Fiesta, B1: Que Siga La Fiesta (Radio Mix), B2: Que Siga La Fiesta (DJ's Hard Version)

Peyote - Alcatraz [1992]

A: Alcatraz, B: I Will Fight No More

Masoko - Masoko Solo [1992]

A1: Masoko Solo (Original Mix), A2: Masoko Solo (Instrumental Mix), B1: Masoko Solo (U-Matic Mix), B2: Masoko Solo (Betamax Mix)

Jimmy Cliff - Breakout [1992]

A1: Breakout (Vocal), A2: Breakout (Instrumental), A3: Breakout (Album Version), B1: Breakout (Vocal Funky), B2: Breakout (Dub Instrumental), B3: Breakout (Muffin)

Ellegibó - Ellegibó [1992]

A: Ellegibó (Vocal Mix), B1: Ellegibó (Instrumental Dub), B2: Ellegibó (Instrumental Dub)

Dante - Aman [1992]

A: Ambient Dub (Tangible Transcience Mix), B1: Aman (Remix Version), B2: Aman (Original Version), B3: Aman (Instrumental Version)

Zendy - Ponta De Lanca Africano [1991]

A1: Ponta De Lanca Africano (Afro Version), A2: Ponta De Lanca Africano (Indian Version), B1: Zymotic (Techno Speed), B2: Zymotic (Plastic Version)

PM² Feat. Abby - Africa [1991]

A1: Africa (Ethno Remix), A2: Africa (Out Of Africa Mix), B1: Africa (Ambient Remix), B2: Africa (Bonus Beats)

Marlon B. - Da La De La (Africa Center Of The World) [1991]

A: Da La De La (Africa Center Of The World) (Dancehall Mix), B1: Gambia Pump, B2: Da La De La (Africa Center Of The World) (Radio Version)

Espiral - Dunne [1991]

A: Dunne, B1: Dunne (Alternative Mix), B2: Dunne (Drums Mix)

Afro Mania [1991]

A1: In Zaire, A2: Usted, A3: Jingo (Special Remixed Version), A4: Su-Ku-Leu, A5: Africano, A6: Tim Toum, B1: Wild Safari, B2: Masimbabele, B3: Reggae Makossa, B4: Misa Criolla, B5: Anikana-O, B6: A.I.E. A Mwana (Remix)

African Jungle - Jungle Beat [1991]

A: Jungle Beat (Extended Mix), B: Jungle Beat (Enigma Mix)

DJ Kugi - Cosmic Funky Afro Rarities 1

A1: Strangeitude, A2: Askaroo, A3: Let's Go Back, A4: Pagaia, A5: The Slam, B1: Ze Bede, B2: Disco Energy, B3: Movin' Outside, B4: Batucada Tropical, B5: Big Chief

Mahlathini & The Mahotella Queens - Kazet [1989]

A1: Kazet (12" Version), A2: Kazet (Club Mix), B1: Kazet (Original Version), B2: Kazet (Instrumental)

Ei Mori - Vetettem Violat [1988]

A: Vetettem Violat, B: Vetettem Violat (Instrumental)

Code 61 - Drop The Deal [1988]

A: Drop The Deal, B1: Drop The Deal (Rough Percussion Mix), B2: Drop The Deal (Rough Beat Mix)

Reggae Grooves 3

A1: Brigady Safari, A2: Bad Sound, A3: No No No, A4: Te Ves Buena, B1: Down Beat Rock, B2: Dial My Number, B3: Bad Boys, B4: Choke There

Reggae Grooves 2

A1: Sebe Allah-Ye, A2: Mirror In The Bathroom, A3: I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, B1: Cost Of Living, B2: Invasion Of The Estate, B3: Girls In My Mind, B4: Capture Rasta, B5: Pu Tun Tun

Revolution 2 [1987]

A1: Infield, A2: Natürliche Liebe, A3: A Baby Called Billy, A4: Kiss Me Now, B1: Ain't No Sunshine, B2: Vishnu, B3: Question Mark

The Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles [1987]

A1: I Believe In Miracles (Extended Mix), A2: Why Can't We Be More Than Just Friends, B1: I Believe In Miracles (7" Version), B2: Boy, You're Dynamite

Afrodisiak 2 [1987]

A1: Namibia, A2: Happiness, A3: Charm, A4: Paraguai, B1: Salone De Musique, B2: Donkeys Bearing Cups, B3: Wa Do Dem, B4: Iko Iko

Afrodisiak 1 [1987]

A1: O Chero Da Carolina, A2: Vida (Life), A3: It's Nearly Africa, A4: Noticias Do Brasil, B1: Mystery Man, B2: Papa's Got A New Pigbag, B3: Young Embrace

Vera Cruz [1986]

A1: Promise Of A Fisherman, A2: Misa Criolla, A3: Maybe You Can Dance, B1: Murder Rap Trap, B2: Do The Bush Stop (Are You Ready), B3: Wipeout, B4: Why

Revolution 1 [1986]

A1: Ain't We Funky Now, A2: Desperate For Your Love, A3: Niagara Falls, A4: Jamaica Running, B1: Epuguzu, B2: Pressure, B3: Anambra

Jasper Van't Hof's Pili Pili - Hoomba-Hoomba [1985]

A1: Hoomba-Hoomba, A2: Ilé, B1: My Gongoma, B2: Kinshasa 'M Boté, B3: Kiba

Anne Clark - Our Darkness [1984]

A: Our Darkness, B: The Sitting Room

The Unknown Chases - Masimba Bele [1983]

A: Masimba Bele, B: Oëkikawai

Samoa Park - Tubular Affair [1983]

A: Tubular Affair, B: Tubular Affair (Instrumental Version)

Peru - Continents [1983]

A1: Continents, A2: Cave, A3: Savane, B1: Africa, B2: Oriëntal

Payola$ - Eyes Of A Stranger [1982]

A: Eyes Of A Stranger, B: Pennie Into Gold

Carly Simon - Why [1982]

A: Why (Extended Version), B: Why (Instrumental Extended Version)

Love International - Dance On The Groove (And Do The Funk) [1981]

A: Dance On The Groove (And Do The Funk), B: Airport Of Love

Eloy - Colours [1980]

A1: Horizons, A2: Illuminations, A3: Giant, A4: Impressions, B1: Child Migration, B2: Gallery, B3: Silhouette, B4: Sunset

Richard Wahnfried - Time Actor [1979]

A1: Time Actor, A2: Time Factory, A3: Charming The Wind, A4: Grandma's Clockwork, B1: Distorted Emission, B2: The Silent Sound Of The Ground, B3: Time Echoes

Azymuth - Light As A Feather [1979]

A1: Partido Alto, A2: Avenida Das Mangueiras, A3: Light As A Feather, A4: Fly Over The Horizon, A5: Amazonia, B1: Carnival, B2: Young Embrace, B3: Dona Olimpia, B4: This Exists